Uchi is a vintage up-cycled product made from weathered and matured outdoor canvas tents and cots with genuine leather trims and closures.


Check out our great selection of Hobo Int'l leather-goods. New styles and colors are debuted each season - always functional and fun. "To women who make a difference, Hobo supports your style."

Hand-made bags by local designers are mini works of art. These one-of-a-kind styles make great gifts (or, treat yourself to one!)

  • HomArt Canvas Tote Bags

  • UCHI



Yaleet presents NAOT footwear, "the comfort you deserve." NAOT is the gold standard for combining comfort and style. Whether you choose from our in-store selection or order from the catalog, these will quickly become your new favorite shoes!


Scarves, Shawls, and Wraps

Whether it's a sparkly shawl for a special occasion, something cozy for chilly evenings, or just a flash of silky color and pattern, our wraps are just right.

  • Dana Herbert

  • Golden Stella

  • Johnny Was

  • Jennys

  • Pearlstone



There's no better way to update an outfit than with the perfect belt. Cinched in or low on the hip, a fabulous belt is a guaranteed attention getter.

  • Johnny Was



A special collection of artisan hats - one-of-a-kind styles.

  • Kerri Habben


Socks and Tights

Collectible, irresistible, giftable - ankle, knee, over-the-knee, and tights by Ozone and EG Smith.

  • Sock It to Me

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